The School Run Subscription.

So this morning my littlest girl decided 6am was a good time to wake up Mummy! We are currently snuggled in blankets watching good old Peppa Pig and I thought it would be a great opportunity to do another blog post.

One thing that has really helped us through the Home Education journey are the HE groups that are available on Facebook. These enable you to hear about, connect with & communicate with other home educating families. For anyone who visits my blog who is interested in or considering Home Education I really recommend taking a look at these groups too. I am sure you will learn so many useful things & if you ever have a question, feel free to ask it. The groups I visit the most are Home Education/Schooling Worldwide & Home Education West Yorkshire. Just do a simple Facebook search and you should find them.

I am always looking for new ways to teach and support my daughter in her education so I regularly head to the HE Facebook groups to search for useful websites that other HE families use. It was actually a fellow HE mum that recommended TheSchoolRun and once I had taken a look at the site myself, I was really grateful that she had. It works really well for my eldest daughter (currently age 5 & working at KS1 level) and I can see it being a useful resource whether you Home Educate or have children in school.


TheSchoolRun Review                           (

TheSchoolRun is a website that offers information, activities and advice on what children are being taught in schools between the ages of 4 and 11 years of age. This enables parents to support & understand their child’s learning. I understand that some HE choose not to follow the curriculum however I still feel TheSchoolRun could still work for you. There are so many resources available covering Maths, English, Science and other subjects so if your child is showing a particular interest in a certain topic I am sure you will find something that is useful.

Their are over 500 downloadable worksheets from reception through to Year 6 which are free to download. You do just need to register first. If you choose to subscribe you will be able to download over 5000 worksheets, learning packs and learning journeys too. For any Home Educators that are interested in a subscription send them an email at and advise them you HE and a discount is available. It definitely is worth it. img_5141

There are many different ways that you can use TheSchoolRun resources. If you choose to subscribe many of the Maths & English worksheets are interactive so they can be filled in online if this is how your child prefers to work. As my daughter is very hands on and creative, we print off the worksheets, cut them out & stick them into the specific exercise books. We currently have exercise books for English, Maths & Science. I find this helps to keep her attention for longer periods of time and because she enjoys doing the worksheets, she takes in the information much more efficiently.

I have looked at many educational websites to support us during our Home Educating journey and this has to be one of my favorites. It is easy to navigate, the resources are fantastic quality & most importantly I have found a learning method that works really well for my daughter. I have also discovered that they are working on creating a tailored pack specifically for Home Educators so I am really excited to see what that is all about.

I highly recommend all parents (whether your children are home educated or in school) to give this website a go. You can take out a 14 day trial subscription for £1.97 which will enable you to download over 40 learning packs covering core National Curriculum topics including times tables, grammar, spelling, SATs, phonics and more. You can then decide if it works for you, if not you can cancel this subscription at any time within the 14 day period.

Visit for more information!

I hope you’ve found this review useful. We have a day out planned at the National Railway Museum today so I better go & get the girls ready.

Happy Sunday!

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Educational Websites & Resources.

One of the things I have been focusing on this week is putting a good plan together to ensure that we are providing enough opportunities to enable Keira to reach her full potential.

As Keira is still 4 years old (4 and a half to be precise!) her year group would have been following the Early Years Foundation Stage. Through my job as a childminder I implement this into every working day anyway so the EYFS is second nature to me and its safe to say we’ve covered all aspects with Keira. From September Keira would have been starting year 1 which would have seen her beginning the journey into Key Stage 1. I have already started implementing this into our daily routine to give her a head start.

We’ve bought a few workbooks – I absolutely love the shop ‘the works’ as can always seem to pick up something good for a decent price and we’ve also got some exercise books for each subject so we can keep a record of things we’ve learnt and look back on them as Keira gets older. I am also not ashamed to admit that we also use a few websites to download resources and also play online games or challenges which Keira really loves.

I thought it would be useful for me to share some of our favorite websites with you. Whether you home educate or not, I think anyone with children should take a look at these sites as I think there is something to learn from each of them.

The first one I have to mention is Twinkl. I actually have a Platinum Plus account as I originally started using it to download resources for my mindees. There are many different memberships available and some resources are also free to use. I personally cannot recommTwinklend this site enough. You can download so many different resources covering so many different topics. They cover the EYFS right through to KS4 and even have resources for people with Special Educational Needs which I think is fantastic. There is a section specifically for Home Educators which I find really useful as well as a secti
on for Parents, Childminders and even Adult Education. Many of the resources can be edited to suit you and you can even personalize some of them too. You can also request specific resources which I think is amazing. I haven’t had to use them yet but from what I have heard the support team is also fantastic so a good company to support. To find out more visit 

When it comes to online gaming I am quite selective over what Keira plays. She really likes the BBC Bitesize Games which I completely approve of as the activities are based on KS1 Literacy, Mathematics and Science. Her current favourite has to be the Khan Academy. I have to be honest I think this site is fantastic and I am completely amazed that its also free. I have learnt so much from it myself and I really love sitting with Keira and being able to explore it with her. She has her own profile (which is very safe and secure) and can choose from a variety of subjects. We have focused on the early maths section at present as Keira’s really enjoying it so seems silly to move onto something else yet. I love how she Khan-Academy-logois given questions but if she doesn’t yet understand it she can select ‘I haven’t learnt this yet’ and it remembers that. It seems to then gradually reintroduce the missed question but at an easier level so she can slowly get her head around it. She can also watch tutorial videos which are available alongside every question asked which give a quick explanation on how to work out the question which is great. The bit that Keira loves is that for every question she gets right she wins points. The points add up and she has a little avatar that changes as she develops. As she earns more points she can then personalize the character. She absolutely loves it and it really does motivate her to work harder. I highly recommend you take a look. To find out more visit 

Other websites we enjoy are however I haven’t used these enough to review them yet:

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