We LOVE home education! 

For anyone who’s thought about home education or made the decision to HE you will feel a variety of different emotions when making your decision. 

I think most people beginning the HE journey, no matter how much research you have done will have moments where they think ‘am I making the right choice?’. I always try and take a positive from a negative and I believe that having these thoughts makes you better at home educating. In the beginning I had these thoughts almost every other day but as I knew it was very early days for us, we were still getting in a good HE routine.

This week we have had a fun-filled, hands-on week full of laughter, fun and experiences. I haven’t focused on ‘education’ as such but my girls have most definitely learnt lots of things along the way.

We have learnt about opposites, drawn self portraits, had a pretend cafe in the garden where the children measured out pasta and water, been for nature walks, paddled in a stream, ran around parks, collected snails and made lots of new friends at HE meets! 

This week has truly been fantastic. I’m really starting to love home education and the quality time I get to spend EVERY day with my children and watch them develop and grow.

Keira even said to me this week ‘I just love our adventures Mummy and I love being with you and Scarlett’ and it really made me happy! 

Here’s some pictures from our very busy week! 

Jenna x