HE Trip to Skipton Fire Station.


One of the first things I did when I started Home Educating was look at as many articles, resources,websites & groups as possible – mainly to convince me that I wasn’t completely insane! Haha. It gave me the reassurance that if Home Educating could work for other people then we had every chance that it could work for us too.

One of the Facebook Groups that I joined is the Home Educating West Yorkshire Group. With just under 1000 members I feel fortunate to have got to know some amazing people already and it’s a great place to hear about different events that are taking place in your local area.

One of the lovely HE mums (Thanks Lacey!) recently arranged a few HE trips to Skipton Fire Station and we visited today. As Monday is a working day for me I had my own girls Keira & Scarlett and we were joined today by L (3) andA (2).

We arrived a little late so we’re pointed straight to the fire engines where the children could sit in the fire engines and even a little boat too. We then went outside where we watched the fireman drive the fire engine around the back of the station and fill up the hose using a fire hydrant. All the children then
got a go wearing the fireman helmet and using the hose. Keira really enjoyed this bit!

The fireman that did the talk (I feel awful as I forgot his nIMG_4180ame) was absolutely fantastic. He had a great sense of humor and his interaction with the childr
en was amazing. The children I brought with me absolutely loved it and my Keira still wants to be a ‘fire girl’
when she is older!

He understood that whilst demonstrations and talks are regularly available for schools, not much is set up for Home Educators like ourselves and it is something he is going to look into for us too which is great.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day & look forward to similar adventures in future.

Jenna x