We are still alive.. I promise!

So ive come to the realisation that I havent posted for a while. Infact I haven’t done a post for the entire summer holidays which is terrible of me!

Its fair to say that we have had a busy few weeks. I used the summer holidays as our break – my break from planning around the curriculum and Keira’s break from structured education. I believe children learn so much through play and I am sure that Keira has learned lots of new things over these past few weeks.

We’ve enjoyed trips to many parks, visited the National Media Museum, met some adorable baby animals at Cannon Hall Farm and even managed to have a few days in Blackpool. Keira said Blackpool was the best holiday ever! Ha.

So this week everyone has been posting there little one’s first day at school pictures and I can’t believe this time last year, that was us! I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be a home educating mummy but I am so so glad we took the plunge and made that decision. I adore every moment I spend with my beautiful girls and I look forward to many more to come.

Over the next few days il be posting about our plans over the next year. Il be following the curriculum at KS1 and will be reviewing many websites and organisations that I feel can benefit not just home educating families but also children in school too so stay tuned.

Jenna x