Happy New Year! 2017!

Hello friends & fellow bloggers,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.. I know! I’m sorry for neglecting my blog however we’ve had so much going on over the last few months that I just simply haven’t found the time to post anything.

So an update on our journey:

1. We have a new addition to our family in the form of Charlie, the most beautiful Cavachon puppy! It’s absolutely amazing how much he fits in & has completed our family. He brings so much joy to us and the girls are really enjoying walking him, bathing him and giving him far too many treats! Charlie doesn’t mind of course!

2. We’ve entered 2017 & we are still home educating & still loving it! It’s honestly the best decision we have ever made. Spending quality time with my children every day is honestly priceless. Keira can now do her 2, 3, 5, 10 and 11 times tables, all through her own choice and determination. We have continued to read stories to each other every day and she’s now reached level 4 of the biff, chip and kipper books. I’ve noticed now that wherever we go she’s constantly trying to read words & sentences whether on leaflets, advertisements and food packaging and it’s wonderful to see just how willing she is to develop her own skills.

3. The littlest member of our family, Scarlett is starting pre-school this month & she’s very excited and totally ready. As a HE mummy making the decision to send S to pre-school knowing she won’t be going to school was a big decision & an emotional one at that as she has been under my care for most of the time since she was born. She’s just going for one day per week but I think it will help her grow and develop as an individual and make new little friends too. It will also give me and Keira time to focus on some HE things that Scarlett wouldn’t really enjoy as much.

4. We have no TV.. Downstairs anyway! We made the decision a few months ago that it wasn’t having a positive impact on our family. Unfortunately children today are brought up around technology that it is the norm and some are even glued to it.  I believe technology has its advantages and benefits so I don’t dispute that at all but I think it’s very important to limit the time the children spend on it so they do not become dependent. We still have a TV upstairs however it only connects to YouTube and Netflix so we use it for educational videos and occasionally the cosy movie nights that we enjoy as a family. Our quality time as a family has improved and we spend much more time communicating as a family, role playing and playing family board games is a huge hit at our house. 

Anyway will leave it short & sweet as its our adventure day today and the girls are ready and raring to go! 

Have a wonderful day.

Love & Light xJx


One thought on “Happy New Year! 2017!

  1. We’ve just started blogging and hope to write more about home educating our three boys. Always good to see what other home ed families are up to.


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