Confirmation of de-registration! Eek.

After a super busy week I have finally had the chance to sit down and publish another post.

I feel that we have really embraced home education this week. Every day has been packed full of learnFullSizeRender (1).jpging, experiences and most importantly fun and it’s safe to say that I am so ready for the weekend! Mr. B will be home from work and we can all relax a little.

I had a call from our local council this week confirming that they had received Keira’s de-registration letter. We’ve been home educating for 5 weeks now but just receiving that call made it feel so real. I am so proud of me and my other half for working together to make the best decision for our children and I am sure when they a
re older they will appreciate that too! I hope they do anyway! Ha.

The attendance and pupil support team also requested a home visit which I accepted so they will be visiting us next week. I understand that this isn’t compulsory and I appreciate that some HE families don’t want any sort of interference from the council which is completely understandable too. I made the decision to accept the initial visit simply because I am confident that what we are doing for our children is right. I want to hear what the council have to offer in regards to additional support for home educating families but I do not want a lesson in ‘how we should be teaching her’ and that is something I will politely make clear to them. One of the main reasons I have taken Keira out of school is because both me and her dad believe we can offer her more 1 to 1 support and a better learning environment than what any school can. I believe that every child has the potential to be fantastic but I believe that different teaching methods need to be used and the school system seems to promote a ‘one size fits all’ method which I completely disagree with. Keira and her sister will have the freedom to explore and follow their own interests and as their parents we wholeheartedly support that.

We are also attending an Elective Home Educators Network Meeting next week which will be interesting to say the least. I am intrigued to learn more about different practices used by HE families and to explore the support available to us as home educators.  I will do a separate post on this next week and share with you how it went.

Jenna x


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