Cannon Hall Farm.

So yesterday afternoon after a super busy morning, Keira asked if we could go to Cannon Hall Farm. As it was already 2pm my first answer was ‘it’s too late to go now but we will go another day’. This answer wasn’t good enough for Princess Keira and her response was ‘but please mummy, it’s not too late.. Please!’

I headed to the Cannon Hall Farm website to check opening times and check the admission prices as I felt reluctant to pay full price of we could only have a couple of hours there.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that on Monday to Friday’s during term time, entry is just £3.00 per person if you arrive after 3:30pm. Parking is also free which is great. You have until 5:30pm in the farm but until 6:30pm in the new Hungry Llama Soft Play so plenty of time for lots of fun.

We got ready (raincoats and wellies as it was literally chucking it down) and set off to the farm. We arrived just shortly after 3pm and was pleased to see that the car park was practically empty. I always love a good car parking spot especially when it’s near to the main entrance.

Off we went into the farm with a very happy 4 year old and a defiant 2 year old who had the privilege of her chauffeur driven pushchair because she decided wellies and socks weren’t on the agenda today. 

It really made me laugh when we came through the entrance and said to the assistant ‘I’m on a school trip and this is my teacher, Miss mummy’ She then proceeded calling me ‘Miss Mummy’ all the way round the farm. She’s really enjoying home education and I’m so glad! 

I have to say one of my pet hates is attractions during busy periods. I get so claustrophobic and anxious that our visits seem to he short lived if it is crazily busy. I was amazed at how quiet it was at the farm during this time and for that reason we would most definitely come again at this time! It was lovely watching Keira run ahead and not get lost in crowds of people.

The first place we headed was to the pigs! We were priveleged to see some 1-day old piglets that had just arrived back from their first injections. We met the cutest donkey family and Keira made friends with lots of goats! As it was quieter the interaction from the farmers was lovely too. A few of them stopped to tell Keira little facts about the animals and she was so intrigued. 

After spending a good amount of time looking at the animals we decided to give the Hungry Llama Soft Play a go. There is a buggy park outside the playgym which is handy – much better than a playgym full of unused pushchairs.

I have to say I was amazed at the size of it! It seems like they have considered everything when designing the playgym and there is so much for the little ones to do! We really could have spent the whole day in there! I know we would have done had the girls had their way.

I ordered some food for the girls as it was close to tea time. Keira had the turkey dinosaurs, homemade chips and peas and Scarlett had just beans on toast. Keira’s food was actually lovely and I was really pleased with the quality. Scarlett’s beans and toast was exactly what you’d expect but I have to say it was a bit overpriced as all she got was a small slice of toast and a few beans and it was £2.25. Other than that the food quality was good.

After running round the playgym after the girls for the past hour, I decided to sit down and have a rest whilst the girls continued playing. After about 10 minutes I realised I hadn’t heard Scarlett so went in to find her. You can imagine my panic after 5 minutes of searching I couldn’t find her. I reached that mown the of ‘oh my goodness! What do I actually do?!’ I kept searching and searching and eventually heard a ‘mum! Mummy!’ I looked up and Scarlett had managed to climb to the very top platform but couldn’t work out how to get down! When I finally got up there she was naked and shouting ‘I need a yee yee’ I have never felt so relieved to hear her say those words! 

For anyone thinking of visiting the farm, we would highly recommend. There is so much to do including feeding the animals, the outdoor adventure playground (which looks fantastic), sheep racing during peak times and then the Hungry Llama Playgym which I mentioned earlier in the post. 

All in all, Cannon Hall Farm is brilliant especially at that time and we will definitely visit again. If you would like to learn more visit

Jenna x


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