Thank goodness I home school!

On Friday we decided to have a day out to the National Coal Mining Museum. I remember visiting when I was much younger on a school trip and I thought it would be a nice place to spend a seemingly warm sunny day with the little ones. Keira is really interested in history at the moment and I love to see the fascination and disbelief when we talk about past events that happened ‘before she was even born’! 

Entry is free so for anyone wanting to save some money it’s definitely a good place to go. I was really pleased to find an under 5’s play area inside which was fantastic. The children really loved it. We got to meet 2 pit Ponies, Eric and Ernie and a cat with no tail – Keira obviously begged to take it home! Unfortunately the outdoor playground was closed for maintainance but I can imagine that being pretty fun too. 

After a morning of exploring and learning new things we decided to head to the picnic area for our picnic. We were then joined by a small school group. I would probably say no more than 20 pupils and 3 members of staff and I have no idea what school they were part of as the children had plain white polo shirts on. 

I have to say I was disgusted and upset at the way the staff spoke to the children. There was a massive lack of respect. I have never heard so much shouting from adults let alone teachers in my life. It really upset me. I understand this doesn’t happen in every school but it did make me think.. What happens when we aren’t there? Are our children treat in the same way that we would treat them at home? Are they loved, valued and respected?! 

I don’t think people understand the implications of their actions and words sometimes. Yes, adults have to be authoritative but I believe there is a right way to do that. 

As a childminder I am privileged that the parents of my minded children put their trust in me to care for their children. It is second nature to me to treat them exactly how I treat my own children and I view my business as part of my extended family. Every child is special and every child should be loved, valued and respected at all times. 

We finished our picnic pretty quickly as I didn’t want to my little ones to witness any more negativity. I grasped my Scarlett and little A’s hand while Keira skipped ahead and felt so reassured that I’m making the right decision for my girls. I want them to grow into beautiful confident souls and from what I witnessed on Friday that school in particular is not going to nurture that with their own children. Very sad.

Anyway here’s to a good weekend. Back to it next week.

Jenna x


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