Those moments..

Do you ever have those moments where you feel so ‘in love’ with your children? Like most parents I love my girls unconditionally, but sometimes through life’s busy moments you don’t have the chance to just stop and admire their beautiful little faces and their  amazing personalities.

Scarlett-Rose Newborn (54)

Last night I woke to a loud bang and Keira had fallen out of her bed. I rushed into her room, picked her up and tucked her back into bed. She didn’t even stir!

I would usually rush back to bed to continue my sleep (sleep is so important when you have a temperamental toddler who has recently decided to be nocturnal!) For some reason, last night I didn’t rush back to my own bed. Instead I tucked myself in beside her and for about 10 minutes I laid and I looked at her. I stroked her beautiful curls and looked at her long eyelashes. I held her hand and reminisced about those moments when her tiny fist would grasp around my finger. I noticed the content look on her face and the little snore that let the world know she was resting. And I felt that feeling, that overwhelming proud ‘I can’t believe you are my little girl’ feeling!

I reminisce back to when she was a 5lb 4oz bundle in my arms and I remember telling her that I was going to be the best mummy that I could be. I think of moments that I could have been a little more patient & a little better. But all in all I remember that I am doing the best that I can and I adore her.

I then think about her little sister who is going through the challenging 2 year ‘I am independent’ stage and that today I huffed a little when we went to the toilet for the 30th time that morning, that I sighed when she threw her dinner on the floor then cried because even though she chose to throw it on the floor she still wanted to eat it. Then I picture her beautiful little face this afternoon covered in ice cream and just how much she enjoyed it and all those little niggles are just silly.

Sometimes in life we get so busy. I will always love my children, for every second of every day. It isn’t that I forget to love them. But sometimes I find that life gets so busy and you don’t have the time to just look at them, to take in every perfect little feature and appreciate just how lucky we truly are.

This one is for my girls. The reason I smile every day and my purpose in life ❤

Jenna x 


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