‘Am I going to school today?’

This morning Keira woke up and the first thing she said to me was ‘am I going to school today?’ – I found myself pausing before I gave her an answer. Does she want to go to school? Am I absolutely insane to think HE is the right thing for her?

I finally responded ‘no Keira, remember you are home educated now. You won’t be going again’ and the response I got was so reassuring. She turned to me with a big smile and said ‘that’s great mummy! So what are we doing today?’ I have to be truthful. I still feel a little insane (I actually probably am!) but my main priority at the point of deregistering her was to make her happy and I feel like I’m certainly doing that 😊

Today was a working day for me so we had two additions to the clan – A who is 2 and L who is 3. Both are just wonderful and get on perfectly with my 2 girls. We visited our local group this morning where we spent time with some other HE families learning about animals, drawing pictures, playing games and reading stories. We then spent he afternoon doing more arts and crafts – my poor floor is covered in glitter and sequins! Watching their imaginations develop is fantastic though. We have had little A (2) role play a hairdressing Spider-Man – she actually snook to the craft drawer for scissors but luckily SuperJenna caught her just in time! Then Keira has spent the afternoon trying to persuade L (3) to marry her! Unfortunately he does not agree!

So that’s our day today in a nutshell. Lots of fun, adventure and happiness. Just what we needed 😀

Jenna x


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