‘But when will they socialise?!’ 

When sharing the fact that we are home educating with other people I find that one of the main questions asked is ‘how will they socialise?’ I don’t know what people assume but I don’t lock my children up in the house and hide them from the world! I promise you they actually have more socialising opportunities now that we home educate. 

As parents we obviously want our little ones to be confident and build friendship groups so the social aspect of our HE journey is very important. 

Keira attends drama class which she loves and will be starting Rainbows once she turns 5, which is something I am sure she will enjoy. She has also expressed an interest in gymnastics & horse riding (my girl has expensive taste) and these are all things we will explore. Scarlett Rose doesn’t attend any classes yet but we regularly attend play gyms and toddler groups which she really enjoys. 

As I work as a childminder throughout the week, the girls are constantly around other children of various ages who they have formed some lovely bonds with. The ages vary from 6 months up to age 3. As I am required to adhere to the EYFS, when I set tasks for the younger ones I try and implement some similar activities at ks1 level for Keira. It enables her to feel included but also challenges her a little. Even though she is still 4 and a half, it amazes me how well she completes ks1 work so it’ll be interesting to watch her develop new skills and knowledge over the next few months.

We’ve recently started to attend HE meet ups and the girls and myself have met some lovely friends. It’s so nice meeting people who seem so similar to yourself and have similar opinions too. I do hope to go on more meet ups soon.

It also helps that we have a big family who we spend a lot of time with. 

So that’s it for this evening. My children spend a lot of time with people. They are chatty and confident and I have absolutely no worries about the social side of HE 😊 

If you are considering HE, please don’t worry about the social side. Having the freedom to do what you want to do and go wherever you want to go is one of the perks of HE.

Jenna x


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