Outdoor Fun.

We absolutely love the outdoors.
I haveIMG_3341 days where I can be a little OCD and I feel my inner ‘sensible’ voice shouting ‘noo don’t get dirty’, ‘Please be careful’ ‘Don’t run’ etc but I really try to stay relaxed and let the little ones get messy, explore and have fun.

I do believe the quote ‘Messy Kids are Happy Kids’

Tuesday is my day off from work so for the full day my girls get my full attention. As Keira-Elise is the oldest and the spokesperson for the two I allow her to choose what they would like to do for the day. This morning she decided that they wanted to do arts and crafts and then go to the park. I try to be quite frugal so this was a w
in win situation for us all, lots of fun for the girls and no money spent for mummy!

We found the most fantastic Wood-Land Log Book – It’s printable and black and white (so cheaper to print) and we had so much fun exploring the park. We didn’t go toIMG_3346 the woods this time – though we have a lovely one nearby as Scarlett kept shouting ‘swing swing’ and I didn’t want to disappoint her so off we went with our log book in hand.

Its absolutely amazing how much you see when you just take the time to look. One of the best things about Home Education is not having to rush.
We had absolutely nowhere to be today so we strolled through the park at our own pace, taking in the surroundings and the girls loved it. We saw a duck with 7 ducklings, found some mushrooms which Keira found fascinating – Scarlett just couldn’t understand why mummy wouldn’t let her eat them. We jumped in muddy puddles (fortunately we all had wellies on) and the girls got absolutely filthy but it was a lovely day.

My eldest is currently sat draw
ing in the rest of the booklet and the little one is sticking stickers to the dining table while I run them a nice bubble bath.

I’ve included the link below. I would definitely print it off next time you visit your local park, woodland etc – who knows what you will find.

 Jenna x



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