Making the decision to Home Educate.

IMG_3278Making the decision to Home Educate our children was far from easy and it is something that we have considered for a very long time.

In my mind, I felt so conflicted between knowing what was right for my child and what society expected from  me as a parent.  We are conditioned to think that when your child reaches age 4 or 5 years of age, they must go school.  Even though Home Education is something I had thought about before I guess like many others, I felt that school would offer something more than we as parents could offer.

Our school application process started in 2014 and we visited our local schools before applying for the one that we felt could support our child in the best possible way. I can honestly say that even though we have now made the decision to Home Education I am still glad that we chose the school that my child went to and for any friends or family who are looking at a mainstream school I would still recommend them. Our decision wasn’t personal to the school and taking her out was actually very emotional as it meant taking her away from some people she had built positive relationships with.

Before making the decision to Home Educate our daughter we did a lot of research and I mean a LOT! I think I actually started driving my partner up the wall with needing constant reassurance that we were in fact doing the right thing for her. I am fortunate that when it comes to our children we are a really good team and we made the HE decision for them together and already we know we made the best decision for them both.

 Before I continue I want to point out that I completely support every parents decision with education whether it is sending your child to public or private school or like us, making the decision to home educate. As parents we all want the best for our children! For some children school works for them and if it does that is great. For some children, like our Keira – school just wasn’t right for her. As her parents’ we realized that her personality and character was changing as a result of this and we took action to ensure that she became her happy self again.

 Through further research that I have done I do worry that the school education system is like a production line trying to mould our children into all becoming the same thing. They are all expected to learn at the same pace and level as their peers. There is no flexibility in what they learn or when they learn and the child has no say in their own education. Like I said before, some children adapt well to this and this can work for them. However these factors personally contributed towards our decision to Home Educate! Above everything all we want is for our children to be happy. Happiness, confidence and self-esteem is so important and I feel that by giving them the freedom to find themselves, grow and develop at their own pace and supporting them in whatever they want to do, we can set them up for a fantastic fulfilling future.

 I will leave it there for today but if you are a parent considering Home Education the biggest piece of advice I can give is ‘Education is compulsory; Schooling isn’t’. You don’t have to send your child to school and you have every ability to teach your child yourself. No-one wants more for your child than you do and if anyone can bring out the best in your child, it is you – the parent.

 Jenna x


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